Sunday, November 11, 2012


Our experienced teams of technicians handle the following type of cabling work for commercial / offices / factories / retail outlet / F&B restaurants projects:-

A) Electrical power and lighting (inclusive of application to Building's PE / LEW and authority for the electrical testing and turn-on)
B) Tel / Voice - using 2-pair / 3-pair / UTP Cat 5E / Cat 6 / Cat 6A
C) Computer / LAN - using UTP Cat 5E / Cat 6 / Cat 6A
D) Patching of voice and LAN cables into patch panels, complete with testing.
E) Fiber Optic


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  2. Server rack cable Management frame manufactured out of steel sheet punched, formed, welded and powder coated and Doors made of aluminum sheet punched formed and powder coated with highest quality standards under stringent ISO 9001-2008 Manufacturing & Quality management system to ensure highest quality product.A server rack is a standardized frame that is built to keep the multiple electronic equipment modules like computer servers and accessories.

  3. The Server rack cable Management itself might have locking pins on the sides that just drop into slots on the extended rail assembly, in a manner similar to a removable kitchen drawer. This permits very easy server installation and removal since there is no need for the server to be held in midair while someone fastens each rail to the sides of the server with screws.

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